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Full Length [CD]

1. I'm Gonna Miss You

2. Dream On Lover

3. Waiting For the Day

4. Queen

5. Kindred Spirit

6. Lightning Fast

7. She Said

8. Shine

9. Wander

10. Ghost Town

11. Glorious

12. I'm Gonna Miss You (Acoustic)

All songs written and

performed by Tony Touris

Tony Touris: Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Bass

Ant Cee: Drums

Devin Garramone: Sax 

Betsy Werbel: Backing Vocals

Dave Lust: Additional Guitar


© 2018 ℗ 2018 Anthony Touris

All Rights Reserved

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$19.99 For Orders Within The USA

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$34.99 For International Orders

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